Jhule itself sounds local and organic, it has established self as an organic resort and has actively involved in organic farming, where it cultivate organic seasonal green vegetable, shiitake mushroom, different fruits, herbs and many more. Jhule organic farm is basically famous for organic production of Green Vegetables, Kiwi fruit, Shiitake mushroom, chestnut and Herbs. Jhule Organic Farm House (Jhule Resort) was Established by Mr. Manoj Acharya and in present Jhule Organic Farm House is lead by Ten Members.
You can also enjoy the ‘Jhule Resort‘ which is maintain by the Jhule Organic Farm House (Jhule Resort)

Jhule Farm Products:

The farm activities of Jhule Organic Farm House is done by the Parent Organization Everest Himalayan Agro Pvt.Ltd.

  • Seasonal green vegetable and Shiitake mushroom
  • Fresh Fruit: Avocado, Kiwi, Chestnut, Wallnut, Big Cardamom, Peach and many more

Product of different satellite cities:

  • Dolakha Timur Farm- Timur
  • Kehavr Chauri Deurali Farm- Mecademia (200 trees)
  • Kavre Deupur- Avocado (300 trees)

Organic Farm Training:

  • Short Term Training (4 days)- Basic Training( Practical and Theory)
  • Long Term Training (14-18 days)- Advance Course
    ( Parma cultural design course PDC.)
    Training are given by members of the Organic Farm, also guest trainer are invited from outside for training.

Gallery of Organic Farm:

Contact Method:

Mr. Manoj Acharya
Phone: 9841256402
Email: manojjhule@gmail.com
For Reservation: 9861495666
Postal: Shankarapur municipality-3, Jhule Kathmandu, Nepal

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Jhuleorganicfarmhouse/about/?re


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