Prerana Library

Prerana Library Was established in BS 2062 (2005), located at Thecho, Lalitpur as non-profit making, non-political and society comprised of intellectuals involved in different educational fields. Which aims to inspire, encourage and enlighten people by making the library a tool and a center to gather, disseminate the local, national as well as international information to its stakeholder. Library has been succeeding to provide its service not only to the Thecho VDC community but also the other surrounding villages like Chapagaon, Sunakothi and Dhapakhel. It has played a center library among the private and public schools and high schools in these village communities.The library has proven as the symbol of unity, trust and neighborhood among the village people.
“Studying should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, whatever your level and whichever subject you read.”

Objective of Library:

  • Help the people to get the knowledge and information
  • Acquire, maintain, and provide materials in order to support relational, personal, and spiritual growth.
  • Provide learning opportunities for students in the utilization of library materials and resources.
  • Provide materials related to the institution as an archival resource.
  • Extend reading habits of the community people to empower them and improve their capacity and livelihood.

Opening Hour:

6:30 AM to 8:30 AM
17:00 PM to 20:30 PM
7:00 AM to 9:00 AM
16:30 PM to 20:00 PM

Generally library will be closed on Saturday but depending on the urgency, library will provide service even in the holiday. Opening hours may vary during vacations

Contact person:

Sajana Maharjan

Contact Method:

Postal: Thecho, Lalitpur, Nepal
G.P.O. Box : 8975 EPC 2450


Prerana Library (2019), URL:, Time: 5:33

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