Viplavi Library

Literally, Viplavi means Revolutionary and here Viplavi is a library which have national and international magazines including news, event of sports, filmy news etc. Eventually, Vilavi books were collected to start library in Bhotahiti in 1951 but in 1958 it moved to Asan, Nhaikantala. The library grew from few dozen of books with 6000 titles which included Nepali, Nepal Bhasa, Hindi and English language. Later on it began offering a variety of newspaper in four language.


  • To provide educational for all
  • To provide knowledge in multi language
  • To give news for all etc.


  • Offline Library


  • Newspaper available
  • Books Available
  • All magazines and books are available in multi languages etc. 

Contact Method:

Postal: Nhaikantala, Asan, Kathmandu, Nepal


[1] Vipalavi Library, Retrieved Date: 1, August, 2019, Time: 1:43 pm, URL:–TSgw3PSi5hHEeGscbNGOqS5aM5ZM


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