Dr. Mahabir Pun – KING of WiFi Nepal

An Idea That changed lives of many people by using internet in remote areas of Nepal

After finishing his master degree in Educational Administration at University of Nebraska, Mahabir Pun returned to his birth place, Nangi remote village of Myagdi district. There was zero network availability for people to connect.
But soon he started working on his vision to connect them and now same village is connected to rest of world via wireless computer networks in hills. He changed the face of the whole Nepal itself after that.

He is a passionate social entrepreneur and currently working with Youth under government funded centre : National Innovation Centre , Nepal.

What makes him different?

He is very enthusiastic and keen on helping people. That’s why we can find his name on lot of areas. Pun founded the Nepal Wireless Networking Project in 2002 to build a local communication network using wireless technology to connect people in the Himalayan communities.
He was always eager to bring the Internet to the rural schools, to promote digital literacy and to improve the quality of education.
Right now, he is working as mentor for many young entrepreneurs and skilled manpower in Nepal. He has been involved in Information and Communications Technologies ( ICT ) programmes.
He has, therefore, succeeded not just in creating a self-sustaining educational system, but also a range of new economic and social enterprises to support remote communities

Here is his story in his own words : https://himanchal.org/mahabir-pun/

What are his works?

He has built solid foundation for technological evolution in Nepal.
Few of his remarkable activities are listed below :

Nepal Wireless Networking Projects, 2002
The project was initiated to maximise the use of Information and Communications Technologies ( ICT ) in improving people’s social and economic condition. It introduced the concept of digital literacy and linked rural areas to urban areas. 
National Innovation Centre (NIC)
This was established with the aim of fostering a culture of research and development in Nepal. NIC is a non-profit company that will provide full financial support and mentoring to young researchers and innovators working on prototypes.

International Recognition

2019Working on National Innovation Center Nepal ( Tribhuvan University )
2015Awarded the Jonathan B. Postel Service Award by the Internet Society
2014Inducted in Internet Hall of Fame
2008Awarded as honorary degree as Doctor of Humane Letters
2007Awarded the Magsaysay Award ( equivalent to Nobel Prize of Asia )
2004Social Innovations Award from Global Ideas Bank
2002Elected Ashoka Fellow by the Ashoka Foundation

Inspiring Videos :

Do not give me any award, instead you can contribute us your skills and ideas for National Innovation Center, Nepal

– Mahabir Pun, Winner of ICT award 2019
Mahabir Pun – 2014 Internet Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech
Connecting Nepal with Wireless Technology | Mahabir Pun | TEDxBirgunj
Rare video of Mahabir Pun

Connect :

Dr. Mahabir Pun
Chairman at The Institute for Himalayan Conservation Nepal
National Innovation Center
Facebook | LinkedIn

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