A Talk of Veteran with Our Team: WhoIsWhoNepal.com

Kirtipur, Sunday, 4th August 2019WhoIsWho Nepal team had blissful talk about digital marketing prospectus in Nepal with innovation veteran Dr. Mahabir Pun.

An Idea That changed lives of many people by using internet in remote areas of Nepal

For every Nepalese people, Mahabir Pun is not just the but an inspiration. Since his arrival in Nepal after finishing master degree in Educational Administration at University of Nebraska, he has changed the face of networking in Nepal itself.
Please check out his contribution to Nepal here : Dr. Mahabir Pun

If we talk about sustainability of any company , 50% of your work should be on making product. Rest of 50% should be on MARKETING. ( Digital Marketing ).

In this 21st century, everyone should have the digital identity in web where majority of audience are engaged. If you need to sell yourself, the foremost strategy before you even put any effort should be the PLATFORM. And, digital marketing is the best platform right now.

That’s why WhoIsWho Nepal team initiate this approach to provide the digital footprint to whole Nepal under the guidance of national pioneers: Mahabir Pun, Subarna Shakya as well as international
As we are small youth team right now, he encouraged us to follow our passion and accomplish our vision : “CONNECTING DOTS…..MAKING STORIES”.

Exclusive Video of Mahabir Pun with WhoIsWho Nepal Team :

How to contact us?

Infinity Digital Nepal
Baneshwor, Kathmandu
Phone: +977 9808 3989 31, +977 9848 0456 32
Email : whoiswho.np@gmail.com
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