Bal Jagritee Secondary School

Bal Jagritee Secondary School (2059 BS) as a well-founded academic institution in Aithpur-6, Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur district. It offers secondary level education programs of (10+2) in Management, Science and Education streams affiliated to the National Examinations Board (NEB). It provides highly qualified experienced and dedicated faculty members of the associated discipline, spacious classrooms, centrally located with a congenial environment for learning, well equipped Science Laboratory, art-of-state library with adequate references, day and morning shift also offers a scholarship facility for the deserving and underprivileged student of the society with quality education and pleasant environment atmosphere with excellent facilities.

Contact Method:

Phone: +977-99-520416, +977-99-525669
Postal: Mahendranagar, Aithpur-6, Kanchanpur, Sudurpaschim Province, Nepal


Bal Jagritee Secondary School (2019), Time: 3:37

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