Tikapur Multiple Campus

Tikapur Multiple Campus (2001 AD.) located at Tikapur Kailali established as a nonprofit community campus is one of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) certified constituent campuses of Farwestern University with the aim of making it as an educational destination for quality education. Campus has been providing quality education to the students. This certified leading campuses of Nepal has been selected in a second position in Higher Education Reform Project (HERP) from the national competition in 2016. Formally Tikapur Multiple Campus (TMC) has been intermngled in Farwestern University as a constituent campus on 1st Shrawn 2075. Currently offering programs are Master, Bachelor, 1year B. Ed and NEB program[1].

Contact Method:

Phone : +977-091-560088
Email: mail@tmc.edu.np
Website: http://tmc.edu.np
Postal: P.O.Box: Tikapur, Kailali, Nepal
Fax: +977-091-561088


[1]Tikapur Multiple Campus (2019), URL: http://tmc.edu.np, Time: 12:34

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