Himalayan International Ideal School (HIIS)

Himalayan International Ideal School (HIIS), established in 1995 A.D. (2051 B.S.) is located at Bhanimandal, lalitpur. Successfully lead by enthusiastic team of famed academic personality with the motto “Quality Education Better Citizen”. The aim of the school is to imparting quality education in real manner and is committed to prepare students’ strong foundation from different angles for meeting future challenges. School welcome from Play Group to Grade Ten[1].

Contact Method:

Phone: +977 01 5153545 | 01 6226670
Email: info@hiis.edu.np, himalayanschool4@gmail.com
Website: http://hiis.edu.np
Postal: Bhanimandal, Dhobighat Road-04, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal


[1] Himalayan International Ideal School (2019), URL: http://hiis.edu.np, Time: 12:45PM


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