International Nepalese Blood Donors, Inc. (INBD)

International Nepalese Blood Donor Inc. (INBD) is the human related organization is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit organization which is founded in 2014 with the aim to increase regular Nepali Blood Donors globally. It works to motivate Nepalese for Blood Donation around the globe, support to Blood Donation Movement in Nepal, organize related activities locally & Internationally and officially registered in Florida, USA and its members, donors and well-wishers are supporting to the movement from the more than 20 countries globally with other organizations worldwide. Our members participate and encourage others to participate in donating blood. The blood donation programs are happening in the Nepalese communities around the world. It is the best programs for all the world [1].


  • To assist and motivate the Nepalese communities in the world to regularly donate blood
  • To assist in organizing blood donation drives
  • It help increase the number of regular donors in Nepal.


The Mission of the Corporation is to serve the Nepalese communities in the world with support from the Nepalese blood donors and assistance from various agencies which support the blood donation program in saving life.

Contact Method:

Phone: 977-9841275247,9868806541
Postal: Chabahil- 7, Kathmandu, Nepal


[1] International Nepalese Blood Donors Association (2019), URL:, Time: 6:23 pm


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