Shubhaprava Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd.

Subhaprava Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd. (2067 B.S) was established by the authority of Cooperative Department of Kathmandu. At present this cooperative provide service in 4 ward within the municipality which are linked with the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. It has share capital of NRS. 10,00,00,000[1]. Shubhaprava has been providing internal and external remittance facilities in agreement with Nabil Remit and Western Union.

Deposit Plans:

  • साधारण बचत (General Saving)
  • शुभप्रवा आकर्षक बचत (Shubhaprava Attractive Saving)
  • शुभप्रवा विशेष बचत (Shubhaprava Special Saving)
  • शुभप्रवा व्यवसाय बचत (Shubhaprava Business Saving)
  • शुभप्रवा सुपर बचत (Shubhaprava Super Saving)
  • विद्यार्थी बचत (Student Saving)
  • अवधी बचत (Periodic Saving)
  • बाल बचत (Child Saving)
  • शुभप्रवा लखपति बचत (Shubhaprava Lakhapati Saving)
  • जेष्ठ नागरिक बचत योजना (Jestha Nagarik Saving Scheme)
  • मुद्धती बचत (Fixed Saving)
  • गृहिणी बचत (Grihini Saving)
  • मोबाइल बचत (Mobile Saving)

Salient Feature:

  • Computerized system with advanced information technology
  • Higher interest rates than banks and other financial institutions
  • An account can be opened on zero balance
  • Simple and fast loan process
  • Internal and external remittance facilities
  • Telephone and electric light bill can be paid from the institution
  • Checks of any bank and financial institution can be saved
  • Domestic service provided

Team of Board Member

Treasurer Team


Contact Method:

Head Office
Phone: 01- 4461756, 4461327
Postal: Chabahil, Chuchepati, Kathmandu, Nepal
Srevice Center
Phone: 01- 4265089, 4263087
New road, Kathmandu


[1]Subhaprava Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd. (2019),
URL:, Time: 5:01

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