Raj shekhar Singh

Raj Shekhar Singh, an enthusiastic fresher studying Bachelor of Business Administration is highly motivated having leadership skills, eager to learn new technologies and methodologies. Excellent in implementation of each step of project. Always willing to innovate the new things which can improve the existing technology. He has experiences of working as Sales Executive at Classic-tech and Jounior Researcher at SB technology. Mr. Singh is sporty personality and love to read comics and very fashionist to be updated with new technologies[1]

MR. Raj Shekhar Singh is familiar to word technology:

  • Proficiency in computer software handling.
  • Management of hardware components of computer system
  • 2 weeks course of computer management at SUNWAY UNIVERSITY.

Skills and Trainings:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Able to work with the team and as a team player according to the need.
  • Ability to adapt the change and work under pressure.
  • Confident enough to make good decisions
  • 2D drafting with fluency in MS Power point, MS Word.
  • Good knowledge on preparing Excel Sheets
  • Able to manage social media sites and campaigns.
  • Basic life support and First aid safety training under SCOUTS.

Contact Method:

Email: raaz.shekharO77@gmail.com


[1]Raj Shekhar Singh (2019), Time: 11:53

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