Binod Shahi – Sir of the Himalayas

The Man Who Transformed Education

I Believe Everyone Has to Go Through The Struggles of life to Actually Fully Live their Year
-Binod Shahi

Binod Shahi is a recognized personality in the field of far Himalayan area Dolpa known by ‘Sir of Himalayas’ surrendering himself happily in order to see a successive welfare of the family in Dolpa . A humble youth from the capital city Kathmandu, has been relentlessly working towards educating and serving the remote and very backward society in Upper Dolpa region of the Himalayas since 2005.

Born and raised in Kathmandu, facing the hurdles of life, was able to empathise and connect with the children in Dolpa.

Born and raised in Kathmandu, facing the hurdles of life, was able to empathise and connect with the children in Dolpa, therefore, an honoured initiator of spreading awareness on quality education and serving the Dolpa community since ten years now. Mr Shahi, interest and dedication in art and community service led him to be a human that he is today. At the time when the country was full of political turmoil and Maoists’ Movement it was very hard to convince himself (about his own safety) and his parents. With vision of broadening the horizons of people we touch and educating the children in Dolpa, he thought of extending the service. Currently he is pursuing Bachelor in Arts, in Sociology-Rural Development from Saraswoti Multiple College(TU). Once he was a student of Fine Art.

  • “Sir of The Himalayas” Ghangzong Sir the title given by Dolpo Community
  • डा.बलराम जोशी ज्ञान बिज्ञान राष्ट्रिय पुरस्कार २०७४/०५/१६
  • Global Teacher Top 50 (2017 AD)
  • The Nagarik Hero (नागरिक वर्ष नायक) 2075 – Nagarik Republica
  • Paul Harris Award by Vice President of Rotary International in 2017
  • National Youth Talent Honor in Education 2075 BS(2018 AD)

Teaching Experience – Upper Dolpa

  • School Coordinator / Teach –  (2011 – Current), Shree Yangjer Gumba Primary School , Nyisal-1, Saldang VDC, Upper Dolpa, Established the school and mobilized volunteers to conduct regular classes      
  • School Coordinator / Teacher – (2008 – 2010), Shree Dashrath Chand Primary School, Komang-9, Saldang VDC, Upper Dolpa, Established the school after spending a year conducting weekend classes at the request of the local monk and community members                    
  • Teacher – (2004-2008), Shree Sherly Drukdra Lower Secondary School, Saldang-5, Saldang VDC, Upper Dolpa, Invited to volunteer at the school for a year after teaching students during winter in Bouddha, Kathmandu, but decided to stay and teach here for four years.
  • Weekend tutoring – Komang Village, Upper Dolpa Walked 5 hours every Friday from Saldang to teach children on Saturdays since there was no school in the village, until I established one with the help of the local community
  • Adult Classes – (2007 – 2009), Saldang and Komang villages, Conducted regular literacy classes for adults in the two villages while teaching at the school.

Social work – Upper Dolpa

  • Health Services – (2004 – 2007), Medicine distribution in villages of Saldang VDC
  • Chhorten (Stupa) Construction – (2010), Shey Chakang Gumba, to preserve old Tibetan Books
  • Cloth Distribution, Stationery Distribution – (2010 – 2016), Health and Educational Awareness Activities, Money Donation to old people

Social work – Kathmandu

  • Bhurungkhel Angels (2011), Program for children and youth to learn about their heritage, and to motivate them to make positive contribution to society. Established local community library, Teach children arts and crafts, traditional dance and drama
  • Volunteer at Community Learning Center (2000 – 2010), Tapshipakha – 18, Kathmandu
  • Youth Volunteer at JGO Nepal – (2003 – 2007), Pyafal, Kathmandu Durbar Square
  • Volunteer at Tisha Sahitya Pala, Fine Art College, Bhotahity, Kathmandu
  • Volunteer at KJC children’s camp – (2009 – 2011), Arts and Activities Teacher, Taught painting, mandala art, live portraits, temple art, performance art, and crafts
  • Founder Chairperson – Snow Yak and e-DOLPA projects
    Support 600 students in 10 village schools in Dolpa with school supplies and volunteer teachers (
  • Solely Nepali funded school
    Started a campaign to build schools in Upper Dolpa from contributions only from Nepalis
  • Grihini Campaign
    Started the drive to get women from common households in Kathmandu to raise small amounts to help with the stationery and other needs at schools in Upper Dolpa
  • Youth Icon / Motivational Speaker
    Giving talks to university students from Nepal, Korea and the USA about social enterprises and the role of the youth in nation building 

Mr. Binod Shahi
Mobile: 9849-044636

To Know More About Mr. Shahi Visit links:



Binod Shahi, (2019), URL:,,, , Time: 12:25

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