e-DOLPA Proposed to Educate


e – DOLPA (2011 AD) is a Dolpa education programme leading by Mr. Binod Shahi with funds strictly from Nepalese helping hands. The project is currently carried out in schools in Saldand VDC probably the largest VDC in Nepal in terms of area. Mission of e-DOLPA is to Promote primary level education in Dolpa in collaboration with government schools with the help of Nepalese People; inspire Nepalese youths to shoulder the responsibility of developing Nepal on their own.
Vision – We envision a tomorrow where each child in Dolpa learns to take pride in his/her uniqueness, becomes well rounded individual equipped with practical life skills / Towards a self-sustained and self developed Dolpa, led by responsible and dignified locals.

Solely Nepali Funded Project

Objectives of e-DOLPA

  • Multiplication of literacy rate, expansion and development of education in Upper Dolpa,
  • Help in raising self awareness about health and cleanliness in the community.
  • Spreading awareness for the conservation of environmental and culture.
  • Development of culture of self sustenance over seeking grant from foreigners and even the Government.
  • Seeking support from the entire country for the development of rural places and thus promoting integrity, fraternity responsibility towards our own nation.

Contact Method:

Mr. Binod Shahi
Mobile: 9849044636
Email: komaghenla@gmail.com, isnowyak.gmail.com

 Visit  The Link For More Information 

[1] http://dolposir.blogspot.com/
[2] http://isnowyak.blogspot.com/
[3] www.facebook.com/snowyak.org/
[4] https://www.facebook.com/pg/E-Dolpa-457411014272367


e-DOLPA (2019), URL: https://www.facebook.com/pg/E-Dolpa-457411014272367, Time: 12:16 PM

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