Fadindra Kumar Khadka

Mr. Fadindra Kumar Khadka, young enthusiastic personality has pursued Master degree and L.L.B form Tribhuvan University. Mr. Khadka is CEO in Shubhaprava Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd. Chabahil, kathmandu.
Since 15 years is remarkable journey of his professional career with noteworthy action for North Star Boarding School, Cross Nepal International, Upakar Saving and Credit Co-operative and Kumari Saving and Credit Co-operative.

Skills and Trainings:

  • Training of ‘Master of Ceremony’ 2059 BS.
  • Training of ‘PEARLS Monitoring’ 2014 AD.
  • Participated ‘ Leadership Development Enrichment: Seminar’ 2012 AD.
  • Participated ‘Accounting Training’ Conducted by DCO 2069 BS.
  • Participated ‘SACCOS SUMMIT’ 2015 AD.
  • Successful completion of ‘PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING’ 2017 AD.
  • Participated ‘Capacity Enhancement of Co-operative’ 2016 AD.
  • Successfully completion International Training ‘Loan Officer’s Competency Course’ 2018 AD.
  • Successfully completed ’45 Days Teaching Practice’ 2060 BS.
  • Successfully Participated in the training programme of ‘Formulation of Annual Planing & Budget in Co-operative’ 2018 AD.
  • Participated in the training ‘ Fraud, Forgeries, Signature verification & Managing of Cash Counter’ 2008 AD.

Contact Method:

Mr. Fadindra Kumar Khadka
Mobile no.: 9851091119/9801091119
Email: fadindra1984@gmail.com


Mr. Fadindra Kumar Khadka (2019), Time: 1:32 PM

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