Digital Assets Management (DAM) Service

के तपाईका कागजातहरू डिजिटलमा छन्? यदि छैनन भने कृपया कागजात डिजिटलीकरणको लागि हामीलाई सम्पर्क गर्नुहोस्।

The transformation of conventional document into digital form is a call of present scenario in which our team is in-line to help you with our full capacity. Managing hard-copy and storing documents in without any indexing decrease your efficiency in which you need such robust system to catalogue your documents systematically in digital format which will enable you to work with your full efficiency and handful information and facts from digital documents.

Charter us and boost up your work with handful document enabled by digital assets.

transform way to do business

Why DAM?

1. Enable new generation of institute with handful fact and figures.
2. Preserving institutional memories with digital campaign.

Steps for DAM

  • First, you should be ready for transformation of your institute/organization/company.
  • Ensure inventory of digital assets/hardcopy of documents to digitize into system.
  • Ensure document managing modality which also effects cost of project and timeline. You should ensure inhouse system or online system.
  • Consult with our team and make project timeline to catalogue those documents.
  • Prepare synopsis with timeline of project to execute. Our team make it with consultation with you and your team.

Requirement for DAM

  1. Server computer with UPS – at least Pentium i5 or higher
  2. Internet (optional)/ recommended intranet
  3. File System Scanner (with email system)
  1. Online portal – like
    with enough storage according to your inventory of documents
    (Demo credential U – admin , P – admin123)
  2. Internet
  3. File system scanner (with email system)