Manoj Acharay, Academician, Business entrepreneur, chairman of Himalayan Organic Village(spread in 4 district) ,CEO of Jhule Resort and organic farm, who studied commerce early age, he was enthusiastic personality who always wanted to explore his interest, ability and new within himself. After working in few business companies he took training of non academic training of Microsoft data base and graduated in computer. Then after he established himself as teacher and taught for a decade. He is dedicated towards his goals and curious to find work that mean to a lot for him. In 2061 he initiate organic farming by himself and after a while he started work with his core group. Now he is well established businessman and explorer who is passionate for travelling trekking and likes to keep himself busy on working. As well as he finds peace in nature and believes travelling is best way to learn, find spirituality and release stress from hustle and bustle life[1] .

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Manoj Nepali


[1]Manoj Acharay, 2019 in-personal interview.

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