Social Science Baha Library

Social Science Baha (2000) was established with the target of promote and enhancing the study and research of social sciences in Nepal. The first activity undertaken by Social Science Baha is Social Science Baha Library located in Battishputali. This library is only open for the it’s members and membership can be obtained by filling the application form. The library is the solely and reference collection which takes nominal annual fee. The most notable donation it has received is the entire collection of late Sambhu Prasad Gyawali and long-term debenture by George Varughese who is the member of Baha. The Library continues to solicit and receive books as donations from within Nepal and abroad besides continuing with new purchases which generate funds by the library through membership fees, photocopy charges, etc, as well as cash donations, are set aside for the purchase of new books [1].


  • To promote and enhancing the study and research of social sciences in Nepal
  • To provide the education of social science, etc.

Type of Library:

  • Conversational Library


  • Provide membership form for interested persons
  • provide books for study and research
  • Provide good environment for study etc.

Contact Methods:

Phone: (+977) 14472807, 14480091
Postal: Ramchandra Marg, Battisputali, Kathmandu, Nepal


[1] Social Science Baha, (2019), URL:, Time: 11:41am,

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